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A reliable, useful, interesting and easy-to- read information from the first sources. The mission of the magazine is to educate, introduce novelties in the real estate market and real estate offers and related services and stimulate the development
Capital Journal: May
Previously, only those receiving income significantly higher than average had the privilege topossess a second house on the seaside or in other resort town. Today, it is affordable for themiddle class as well. Real estate experts note a particularly increased demand for that.
Capital Journal: March
The real estate market in Lithuania and the world is going through fast-changing times: smarttechnologies and crazy growth rates dictate new game rules. Where do all of this lead to – a betterlife or a crisis?

Capital Journal: November
Which property is it better to invest to and what kind of housing has a greater demand in the majorcities of Lithuania? What is the situation in the real estate market in Latvia (Riga), Great Britain(London) and Spain (Valencia)?

Capital journal – December 2017
Real estate market trends for 2018: read what RE experts predict.
Capital journal – September 2017
Is Kaunas already catching up with Vilnius? Office Market in Lithuania: Supply and trends; Co-working, co-living - when the boundary between home and work disappears. These topics and more will be found in this new magazine issue.
Capital journal – May 2017
In the past, the possibility of having a second home in the seaside or other resort was just a privilege for the ones who earn much more than average, but today it is also affordable for the middle class. NT experts note the increased need for such facilities.