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Kitos naujienos

Capital One, the leader in real estate market in Latvia, opens up its news section in great depth. In partnership with NASA's Parker Solar Probe, Capital One will take part in a space expedition aimed at providing new solar activity data and will significantly enhance our ability to predict weather conditions affecting life on Earth.

The Capital One team is very enthusiastic about the historic mission of the Parker Solar Probe, which looks at the last and most important region of the Solar System, which humanity has not yet explored, to attend a spacecraft to finally answer the overriding scientific goals that have evolved over a decade.

The Capital One will send a capsule to this spacecraft and on July 31st will go on a research expedition to Sun, which will make Capital One the first real estate company that has left its message in the historic space expedition.

Keep up with Capital One for further news that will be as great as this expedition to the sun where our company is taking part.

More about this expedition can be found on NASA's website